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Culture & entertaiment

Different monuments of culture and art show the channel through which the culture progress achieved in Kastela during history:

Founded February 18. 1991, the Museum of the Kastela region is one of the most recently founded museum in Croatia. It is situated in the old historic castle of the Cipiko family in Kastel Novi.
It consists of:
- Archaelogical department (objects from prehistory until 16th century)
- Etnographical and cultural-historical department (everyday objects from Kastela and from area around Kastela)
- the Studin Gallery (separate esgment of the Museum which deals with styding, protection and presentation of statues of sculptor from Kastela Marin Studin founding a collection of modern art)
- rich archives material
- the Museum workers are active in protecting the local seven parishes treasures.

 The Museum "Podvorje" is situated in the old bishop palace in Kastel Sucurac.
It consists of:
- Archeological department (Roman and Croatian historical items)
- Etnographical department

Kastela also has a lot of entertainment places. Between them there are:

summer stage for cinema and other performances or events;
dance terraces;
several discoteques;

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