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         The foremost island on the Adriatic, with the area of 90,3 sq. kilometres and the highest point at the altitude of 587 meters. There are 13 settlements with about 5 000 inhabitants. The highest point is Hum. Near the western coast is wide bay of Komiza. The southern coast has a number of smaller coves. The port and the town of Vis is on the northern coast of the island. There is no fresh water on the island except a few springs near Komiza. Inhabitants grow vineyards in the fertile valleys, covered with red soil and from place to place with sand layers.

The main settlements on the island, Vis and Komiza, are connected by the asphalt road. The most important economic branch is fishing (fish factory in Komiza). The nursery of palms is also on the island. South-west from the island of Vis is the island of BISEVO, famous of its Modra Spilja (the Blue Cave).

There is a ferryboat connection with Split (Split - Vis) and the ship connection between Split and both Vis and Komiza.

         KOMIZA - the small town and port on the western coast of the island, in the deep bay of Komiza, at the foot of the hill Hum. The inhabitants work in fishing, agriculture (vineyards, vegetables, citrus fruits, carobs), and tourism. On the eastern coast of the bay there are large gravel beaches (Gusarica, Nova Posta, Velo zalo).


         Komiza has been mentioned in the historical documents in the 12th century, the Benedictines from the neighbouring Bisevo settled there and founded the monastery of St. Nikola. The monastery complex with the church and defence tower from the 17th century is still preserved.


         Celebration of St. Mikula - day when in Komiza start the world exhibition EXPO '98

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