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The Kvarner islands are the doors to an Adriatic nautical paradise, with their littoral karst and luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, hidden bays and long sand beaches: Cres, Krk, Losinj, Rab and a series of smaller islands including Unije, Ilovik Vele Srakane, Prvic, Sv.Grgur, Goli. The Kvarner region includes three rivieras. The Opatija Riviera, the Crikvenica Riviera and the Novi Vinodolski Riviera. The Kvarner islands offer a variety of cultural and artistic programs throughout the summer including local festivals, musical evenings, drama performances and classical and popular music concerts.

THE TOURIST BOARD OF KVARNER, Tel: 051/272-988, 272-665

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Tourist offices of the island of Krk, tel +385 51 221-359
Vrbnik (857-128), Baska (856-817), Dobrinj-
Silo (852-107), Krk (221-414), Malinska (858-699), 
Njivice-Omisalj (846-243), Punat (854-970)
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Rijeka is the economic, administrative and university center of the Kvarner region and the largest Croatian port. Situated at the intersection of maritime and land pathways, Rijeka is the city with the most favorable geographical position on the Croatian Adriatic coast. More than 50 percent of Kvarner’s inhabitants live in Rijeka. A rich cultural, dramatic and musical program is part of the Rijeka Summer Festival held in the areas of the Old City of Rijeka, Trsat, the Franciscan monastery and St. Vitus’ Cathedral.
The Tourist Association of Rijeka,


Opatija is the oldest tourist center on the Croatian Adriatic with a tourist tradition of more than 150 years. Opatija’s hotels and parks are the pride of the city and of Croatian tourism as well. Lovran, Ika, Icici, Moscenicka Draga and Volosko are spread across the Opatija Riviera like pearls on a necklace.
The Tourist Association of Opatija,

Crikvenica has been a famous tourist destination as well as a summer and health resort for over a century. Its warm sea, long sand beaches and a beautiful landscape are what makes Crikvenica distinctive — a place where tourism on this part of the Adriatic has its origins.

With its tourist tradition over a 118 year-old Novi Vinodolski is a summer resort with modern hotels, tourist settlements, camps, family villas and private accommodations.
The Tourist Association of Novi Vinodolski,

Cres is the right destination for true nature lovers. The best way to explore this island is by walking, bikeriding or mountaineering. The Vransko Lake is situated on Cres and is the main source of water on the island.
The Tourist Association of Cres,

Dense pine woods, a mild climate, mystical bays and a crystal clear sea are the main reasons for coming here. Even the Austrian emperor Francis Joseph built a villa on Losinj.
The Tourist Association of Mali Losinj,

Krk is the largest and most developed island on the Croatian coast. The town of Krk is a museum-town and a treasury of Croatian culture. With its rich tourist offerings and good maritime connections with the neighboring islands of Cres, Rab and Losinj, it is a real lure for tourists.
The Tourist Association of Krk,

It is said that Rab is a city that “has chosen its geographical position”. Rab is a city of sun with approximately 3000 sunny hours per year.
The Tourist Association of Rab


Risnjak National Park is known for its exceptional and almost brutal beauty, white rocks, deep canyons and woods which are hundreds of years old.
The Risnjak National Park Board