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Contact person:
Marijan Vučak 
21 310 Stanići – Omiš
++385/021/879 208
++385/021/514 841


      Apartments Vucak

english Apartments "Vučak" are in Stanići, 5 km far from Omiš, 35 km from Split. There are two apartments with two bedrooms (4/5 beds). In July and August the price per apartment is 70 DEM per day , in June and September 50 DEM per day.

Apartments Vucak        Apartments Vucak

           The private land with the house stretches from the parking lot, which is by the road, to the beach. Gusts can use a private cottage at the beach provided with the refrigirator and cooker. They can also leave things for the beach there. The house is situated 30 m above the sea and the private stairs lead to the pebble beach. Nothing can obstruct your view of sea, sky and sea-gulls.       

Apartments Vucak        Apartments Vucak