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The Plitvice Lakes complex, established as a national park in 1949, is a wooded mountain area with 16 beautiful small and large crystal blue-green lakes. Numerous small rivers and streams fill the lakes, which are connected by sparkling cascades and murmuring waterfalls.

Because of their unique structure and life forms, the Plitvice Lakes were registered on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List in 1979.


Every year, almost a million visitors are attracted by the extraordinary natural beauty of the park’s lakes and waterfalls, the richness of the animal and floral life, the wonderful contrasts of autumn colors, the enchanting winter motifs and the mountain air. There are many park activities that include rowing and walking along forest paths and across little wooden bridges. Comfortable hotels and restaurants with a family atmosphere ensure a pleasant holiday.

Each new visit is a refreshing and unique experience of the strength and beauty of nature.

  Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Region
Map of Plitvice Region

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It is rare in the world that so many attractive localities are found in such close proximity to each other as is the case in Croatia. Situated in central Croatia, Zagreb is the ideal point from which to quickly reach all of those localities. A less than a two-hour drive south of Zagreb will take you to Lika-Senj County, where the famous Plitvice Lakes, one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, are situated. Travelling southwest will take you to Gorski kotar — or the Croatian “Switzerland.” A mere fifty kilometers further and you are on the Adriatic, an impressively blue, clean and crystal clear sea that boasts more than a thousand islands.

It is organized according to IAAF, Croatian Athletic Association and the following rules: The path is measured and verified by the AIMS and the IAAF. It is asphalted lengthwise and passes through a narrow park zone and wooded areas and along the lakes and waterfalls. All participants born in 1980 or earlier have the right to participate in the 13th Plitvice Marathon race (16 and 42 km). There is no age limit on the 7 km path.