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         PODSTRANA forms apart of the wider area of Dalmatia or Southern Croatia which is rich in historical and cultural heritage as well as in beauty spots. A number of one-day trips connecting the Podstrana with other Dalmatian destinations offer an opportunity to explore the broader area.

The trips range from the ancient heart of Dalmatia, Split, with its ancient and medieval town core built around the Place of Roman Emperor Diocletian, through word famed Dubrovnik to the islands of Brac and Hvar, the Adriatic princes, centres of Croatian literacy and culture.

An extraordinary blend of Mediterranean and Oriental culture can be felt in Mostar. The heritage typical of the Dalmatian hinterland can be explored in Imotski, situated above two lakes.

Makarska, the centre of the riviera and coastal area, is a natural choice, with its town square, Cathedral of St. Mark, but above all because of the Franciscan Monastery and its rich collections. Daily fish picnics, the feasts of the sea, are complemented with excursions to Omis and Radmanove Mlinice, a scenic site down the Cetina river, that offer one yet another opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable beauty of Nature and extraordinary gastronomic delights.
SPLIT - A town of classical Roman, old Croatian, Romanesque and renaissance architecture, with a Mediterranean atmosphere. It is well-known for sports and shipbuilding.

It is situated 50 km, and its airport 65 km, from Baška Voda. Half-day or all-day excursions by boat or bus.
THE ISLAND OF HVAR - lies 15 nautical miles across from Baska Voda. The town of Hvar, the biggest settlement on the island, abounds in Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, and Mediterranean atmosphere. It bears the name of Croatian Madeira. The town of Jelsa, the second biggest on the island, is famous for its vintage Dalmatian wines.

All day excursions.
IMOTSKI - A Mediaeval Town located in the hinterland of Baska Voda (Mt. Biokovo), near a rich karst field (Imotsko polje) with well kept vineyards. Famous for its blue and red lakes. Some 40 km from Baska Voda, it offers a completely different atmosphere from that of the coast.

Half-day excursions by bus.
DUBROVNIK - A Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque town - all in one, is a must. Located on the very southern end of Croatia, 175 km from Baska Voda.

All-day excursions by bus or boat.
MEDJUGORJE - A world famous sanctuary situated only 70 km from Baska Voda.

To tourists staying in Baska Voda, we recommend half or whole-day trips by bus. To pilgrims on the way to Meðugorje, we recommend a stop in Baska Voda.
OMIS - A coastal, mediaeval town located in a picturesque canyon of the Cetina river only 35 km from Podstrana. Five kilometrs up to the Cetina canyon, there is "Radmanove Mlinice", an excursion place for famous for bread baked under coals and for fresh trout.

Half-day excursions by boat or bus.
Detailed information on excursions can be obtained at the hotels and tourist agencies!

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